For all ages, all levels, easy access to the world of the piano

Designed for anyone, whatever their age or level, who wants to learn with pleasure in a structured work environment, the global approach of our pedagogy ensures you benevolence, respect and efficiency. In a rapidly changing world, reinventing yourself requires a secure educational foundation, so that your children will be able to better understand their future.

"In our school, learning to play the piano is, beyond the instrument, giving your children access to a different sensory world. »

A world where expressing oneself through sound offers the possibility of accessing the language of emotions. It is thus to guarantee to future generations the development of a strong emotional intelligence, of a fine relational elegance, of a self-knowledge essential to advance in this new world.


Yaya is an 8 year old Chinese girl with a passion for the piano. Her adventure, entitled "La Balade de Yaya" (Yaya's Walk), takes place in China at the end of the 1930s, between Shanghai and Hong Kong, in the form of a journey of initiation. Published by Editions Fei, this comic strip, with its shimmering colours and poetry, depicts childhood and its limitless dreams, its purity, but also its courage and self-sacrifice in the face of a ruthless world. It is her passion for the piano that propels Yaya into an unknown world where she will have to learn to fight and grow up to be able to live her love of music again. Yaya is a dreamy but stubborn and unyielding little girl who never gives up, in life as in her passion for the piano. She is a perfect example of the spirit that drives the school of which she is the mascot.

Concert tours and master classes in China in 2016-2017